About Us

Indigenous populations worldwide are threatened by commercial development, disease, and deforestation. Caring for their lives and rights is critical. In many places, indigenous communities are the custodians of the land and resources, and stewards of the traditions and spiritual life of ancient cultures—they are a part of the natural eco-system and irreplaceable members of our global community.

Our Focus

Diplomacy and Multiculturalism

Principles of Ethical Leadership

Human Security and Well-Being

Non-proliferation and Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Climate and Environment

Economic Well-Being

Indigenous Peoples
Interreligious Dialogue and Peace Initiatives

Bumuntu Global Pan-African Intercultural and Inter-Religious Dialogue

Women's Leadership and Empowerment

Our Programs

The International Academy of Multicultural Cooperation (IAMC) is pleased to announce two online educational projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The “Medical English Project” and the “English and Culture Series” will be offered to students of the University of Kamina in the province of Katanga, city of Kamina, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Audrey E. Kitagawa, J.D.

President and Founder, International Academy for Multicultural Cooperation

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International Advisory Council

Dr. Ashok Gangadean, Ph.D.

Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy, Founder-Director of the ((Global Dialogue Institute)) Haverford College
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Jonathan Granoff, J.D.

President of the Global Security Institute
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Norman Hayes

Adjunct Professor Cybersecurity, George Washington University
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Prof. Dr. Azza Karam

Secretary-General of Religions for Peace
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David Korten, Ph.D.

President of the Living Economies Forum
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Hugh Locke

President and Co-Founder of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance
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Dr. Manulani Aluli Meyer

Associate Specialist, Student Affairs University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu campus
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Mutombo Nkulu-N'Sengha, Ph.D.

Professor at California State University, Northridge
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Christopher Peters (Puhlik-lah/Karuk)

President of the Seventh Generation Fund
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Imam Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi

Chief Imam, Director General, Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society
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Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, Ph.D.

Secretary-General of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance and President of The Divine Shakti Foundation
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Dr. Monica Sharma

Author of Radical Transformational Leadership
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Purnaka L. de Silva, Ph.D.

Director, Institute for Strategic Studies and Democracy (ISSD) Malta
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Reverend Dr. Upolu Luma Vaai

Principal, Pacific Theological College
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Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

President & Executive Director, Sakena Fund
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